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When purchasing native seed, there is no more important aspect to consider than Quality. Native seed can easily lose viability if it is not harvested, cleaned, and stored correctly. We harvest and clean all of our seed by hand and store it in a temperature and humidity controlled environment.



High quality native seed mixes with a seeding rate of at least 70 seeds per square foot that have been specifically designed by our ecologist.

These mixes are designed to meet minimum requirements of the CRP programs. Because of that the seeding rates are lower than we typically recommend, for a better chance at successful establishment check out OUR MIXES!

If you are on a budget or just looking to meet minimum CRP program requirements, these mixes are for you.


Are you looking for something specific for your site? Want to make sure that 100% of the species in a seed mix are native to the County you are in?


Simply fill out this form and we'll design a seed mix (or two) that will meet your specific needs.


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