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The farm is beautiful, and we want to share the experience with you... below you'll find photos of our seed plots, of wildlife, and of us! We love it here, we take extreme pride in it, and we believe you'll see that reflected in our seed.

Our plot of Penstemon hirsutus.

Work truck at sunset, our plot of penstemon hirsutus

One of our plots of pale purple coneflower.

Seed plot of pale purple coneflower



Rainbow over our plot of yellow coneflower

Rainbow over our plot of yellow coneflower

Swallowtail caterpillar on golden Alexanders.


Our plot of Canada rye grass.

Plot of Canada
Rye grass

Andy and his grandson inspecting our plot of swamp milkweed.

Andy and grandson by swamp milkweed

Seed plot of savanna blazingstar

Plot of savanna blazingstar

Native bee on native false boneset.

Native bee on native false boneset

Our plot of Side Oats Gramma grass.

Plot of Side-Oats Gramma

Nest in
seed plot

Andy's son hand pulling foxtail seedheads in a plot of native false sunflower... keep those plots clean young man!

Andy's son hand-pulling foxtail seed heads in false sunflower plot

Tiger swallowtail butterfly on native rosin weed.


A tree frog found during the harvest!

Tree frog
during harvest

A plot of Canadian milkvetch.

Plot of Canada milkvetch

A lady bug visiting our plot of wood mint.

Ladybug visiting our plot of wood mint

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