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ReGreen (Triticum aestivum x Elytrigia elongata 'Regreen')

A cool season non-native annual or short-lived perennial cover crop, also called a nurse crop, that can be planted with your native seed to help limit erosion and provide competition for weeds. It also performs well as a seed carrier, however due to a lower seeding rate we recommend mixing it with an equal amount of Spring Oats. ReGreen is best used with fall plantings, as they can germinate in much cooler soils than Oats can... for spring installations we recommend using Spring Oats as a cover crop. This species is a sterile hybrid between common wheat and tall wheatgrass, it is considered an annual or short-lived perennial. It will germinate and grow in a single season and may persist in the planting for 2-3 years before fading out. The recommended seeding rate is 20 lbs/acre.


Cover crops are the only non-native species we recommend using in native planting projects.


  • Acronym: TRIAER
  • Life-Cycle: Annual or Short-Lived Perennial
  • Bloom Color: Green
  • Bloom Time: June - July
  • Typical Height: 30"
  • Light Preference: Full Sun
  • Soil Preference: Dry - Mesic
  • Root Structure: Fiberous
  • Stratification: None Required
  • Seeds per Ounce: 600*
  • Seeds per Packet: N/A


Other scientific names used for this species:

  • None


Other common names used for this species:

  • None


*Approximate, actual number of seeds may vary slightly by seed lot.

COVER CROP: FALL - Triticum aestivum x Elytrigia elongata 'Regreen' - Per Pound

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