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CP2 Prairie Seed Mix for Dry Soils

This native seed mix is designed to meet the requirments of the Conservation Reserve Program's (CRP) CP2 plantings.


It is meant to be planted in sunny areas with dry soils.

Purpose of CP2 Plantings - Native grass plantings are used to reduce soil erosion, improve water quality, and create or enhance wildlife habitat

CLICK HERE to see what species are included in this mix


IMPORTANT NOTE: We will make every effort to fill orders with our own in-house IL ecotype seed, however due to our small size and limited production capabilities, seed from trusted outside vendors may be utilized to fill your seed mix order and we cannot guarantee that it will be of IL ecotype. If you require all species to be of IL ecotype for your project, please visit our Custom Seed Mix page and submit your project requirements. Thank you.

CP2 - Prairie Seed Mix for Dry Soils - Per Acre

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