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Savanna Seed Mix for Mesic-Wet Soils

This native seed mix is designed to restore mesic-wet savannas in the State of Illinois. A mesic-wet savanna, or open woodland, is classified as a natural community co-habitated by herbaceous vegetation (grasses, sedges, flowers) with between 30-40 large canopy trees per acre. Tree canopy cover is generally between 35-50% and shrub cover is generally less than 25%. The dominant environmental constraints to which the species are subjected are regular ground fire, saturated soils, occasional drought stress, and occasional flooding. Mesic-wet savannas are most commonly found on somewhat poorly drained soils with gentle to flat slopes, in slightly depressed areas, areas with relitivly high ground water levels, and land positioned lower within a watershed.


Common Uses:

  • Savanna/Open Woodland restorations in areas with moist to saturated soils under normal conditions that may either dry out and/or flood on occassion, which contain more than 10% tree canopy cover
  • The edges of woodlands in moist to wet soils that have a mix of sun and shade
  • Shaded pond margins near the water's edge and within the "bounce zone"
  • The bottom of dry-bottom detention basins in shaded areas that are designed to drain within 72 hours
  • Shaded swale bottoms and ditches that maintain positive drainage (not swales with constant flow)


CLICK HERE to see what species are in this mix


IMPORTANT NOTE: We will make every effort to fill orders with our own in-house IL ecotype seed, however due to our small size and limited production capabilities, seed from trusted outside vendors may be utilized to fill your seed mix order and we cannot guarantee that it will be of IL ecotype. If you require all species to be of IL ecotype for your project, please visit our Custom Seed Mix page and submit your project requirements. Thank you.

Savanna Seed Mix for Mesic-Wet Soils - Per Acre

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